Rainfall is a full-service production company, with experience in feature films, television, commercials, music videos and new media.


Our award-winning post-production services include visual effects, motion graphics, branding, editorial, beauty, and cleanup.


Runsilent, our audio division, covers original music composition & recording, sound design, mixing and mastering.

Graphics for Educators

Rainfall would like to offer our graphic design and animation services, for free, to schools and teachers who are currently…

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Motherland: Fort Salem

Freeform’s dramatic series Motherland premieres with Fort Salem, following three young women who are able to use magic in alt-present America. In this…

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The Explosion Show: Season Premiere

Science Channel rings in 2020 with The Explosion Show, hosted by Tory Belleci (Mythbusters) and stuntman Streetbike Tommy Passemante, going behind the scenes…

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Mind Field: The Scariest Thing

Rainfall has been designing the numerous show graphics for Youtube & VSauce’s series Mind Field for several seasons, and recently worked on their…

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Logo Design: Sci-Fi

Logo design has always been a significant part of Rainfall’s business over the last ten years. Back in 2010, Rainfall worked with Philips on a new…

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Charlie’s Angels

Sony’s new Charlie’s Angels reboot, written and directed by Elizabeth Banks, is shaking up its iconography with a new logo backed by a deco-style…

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