OCTOBER 1, 2013: In the first 24 hours of release, Rainfall Films’ Wonder Woman short film passed one million views, and continues to see rapid growth. By mid day on September 30th, it was featured on YouTube’s home page under “Most Popular,” and soon moved to the very top as the featured video.

The explosion of hits was fueled by glowing media coverage, including write-ups on Nerdist, Kotaku, io9, Comics Alliance, Twitch, IGN, Superhero Hype, and many more. Social media also played a primary role in getting the word out, with thousands of Facebook shares and Twitter support from passionate fans.

Everyone here at Rainfall, including the cast and crew, is incredibly grateful for the support and enthusiasm received. After working many long months to create the very best live-action Wonder Woman we could, the reactions and feedback have made it all worthwhile.

Stay tuned for more as Rainfall moves forward with new stories to tell, and worlds to explore.