New York Times Best Selling author Kyle Higgins makes his directing debut with the award-winning short The Shadow Hours, now publicly available for the first time on Rainfall provided visual effects for the film, which involved the technically challenging compositing of multiple plates, creating the illusion of one actor playing twins.

The Shadow Hours follows twins born with a mysterious condition: only one of them can be awake at a time. Posing as one person, each awake for only half of each day, they make a living as private investigators … until a budding romance threatens to tear apart the fabric of their lives.

The short has won several awards, including Best Cinematography at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, Best Overall Short at Genre Blast, and Audience Choice at The Juggernaut Film Festival. Read more about the film here, and watch it below:

DIRECTOR // Kyle Higgins
VFX //
MUSIC // Bear McCreary