SEPTEMBER 18, 2014: Metroid Update! Thanks to everyone for your patience; something this complex and daunting takes quite a bit of pre-production time to get right. The script is complete, and we’ve spent the last several weeks working on storyboards, concept renderings, and logistics for how to create Samus’ Varia suit (by far the biggest challenge). Casting, location scouting, and prop design are all underway, and we hope to announce more soon.

The most fun we’ve had so far is conceptualizing the look and feel of the short film. It’s important to convey the same sense of isolation, adventure, and exploration the series is known for, while telling a compelling story in a short time frame. We’re excited to show you three sample concept renders, which hopefully will give you a small taste of what we’re developing. Keep in mind these are very preliminary, so consider them as rough sketches.

Thanks again for your support — we look forward to revealing more as pre-production continues. Be sure to follow us on Youtube, and communicate with us here and on Twitter (@rainfallfilms). Cheers!