MARCH 13, 2017: Joe Lynch’s latest action spectacular Mayhem — starring Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving — is having its world premiere tonight at SXSW in Austin, Texas. To celebrate the event, Entertainment Weekly has released the first teaser poster for the film, designed right here at Rainfall! Beyond the poster design, Rainfall also produced hundreds of visual effects for the film, which we’ll explore in more detail after release.


 In the new thriller Mayhem, debuting at SXSW, a dangerous virus that prevents the infected from controlling their inhibitions is discovered in a corporate law building, the very same firm that recently cleared an infected man on murder charges. When a quarantine is issued and the building goes on lockdown, all hell breaks loose inside, and a disgruntled employee (Steven Yeun) and an irate client (Samara Weaving) must fight and even kill their way to the top to “have a word” with the corrupt executives who wronged them before time runs out.

If you’re at SXSW this week, be sure to check out the film’s premiere. Enjoy the Mayhem!