A warrior in exile, bearing a fated weapon, enters the ruins of a dead city to unlock a mysterious power known as the Red Veil.

Evenveil is a proof-of-concept fantasy short from director Sam Balcomb and Rainfall Films. The conceptualization of the environments and characters began in 2020, as Rainfall started developing new techniques for world-building visual effects and implementation with live action. The story is a small sample of a larger, sprawling narrative that we plan to continue exploring.

PRODUCERS // Jesse Soff, Sam Balcomb, Jeff Dodson

STARRING // Alexis Peters, Aria Song, Nick Apostolina, Dawson Mullen, Gregory Lee Kenyon, Ralph Lister

EDITOR // Jesse Soff
MUSIC BY // Jeff Dodson

KAEJA // Alexis Peters
LALIEL // Aria Song
ANCANAR // Nick Apostolina
CURUGON // Dawson Mullen
THE VAGABOND // Gregory Lee Kenyon
FINLOMË // Ralph Lister

Visual Effects, Titles & Color by Rainfall

Edited by // Jesse Soff
Music by // Jeff Dodson
Director of Photography // Sam Balcomb
Sound Design & Mixing // Jeff Dodson
Costume Designer // Andrea Wakely
Leatherwork // Kim Pollard
Dresser // Kimi Hughes
Kaeja’s Axe // David DelaGardelle
Additional Arms & Armor // The Lonely Mountain Forge
Stunt Coordinator // Vincent Fatato
Makeup Designer // Alondra Excene Shields
Hair Designer // Autumn Skibinski
Key Grip // Josh Pullin
Covid Compliance Officer // Sarah Elbert